Are escorts just for sex or do they get hired to work as a companion?

Since my crash course induction into the escort industry a few years ago when I was strong armed into temporarily running an escort agency, I have come to be quite knowledgeable about the whole business. So today I’m going to answer a common question I see gentlemen ask: Do escorts always get paid for sex or do they actually get hired to accompany people as a nonsexual companion? Dinner date with an escort

Surprisingly the answer is a resounding yes. In my time overseeing escort protocols, procedures and bookings, I have seen plenty of men call up the company to hire a girl for a business function or commerce dining. One fellow even asked to take a Cardiff escort on holiday with him to Alton Towers! One relatively common request we receive is for dinner dates. I always thought us men went out on dates to satisfy females, but it turns out a lot of men call escort agencies because they want a nice piece of eye candy with their meal and some animated conversation.Alton towers with an escort

Now I don’t mean to mislead you, because ultimately our girls are sent on outcalls for sex in most cases. Personally, if I was paying £200+ per hour for a lady friend to spend time with me, I’d probably use that opportunity to fornicate too. Most of the time clients pay for an escort because they want it to lead to a sexual encounter. However, it seems like a lot of them buy you dinner first, so why not eh?

So next time you get an escort if you can afford it why don’t you treat her? I’m sure she’ll appreciate your generosity, some of the escorts I’ve known have been happiest after being lavishly treated and tipped by one of their favorite customers. I’m sure she’ll provide you with extra special service to compensate, so both of you will walk away happy!Escorts or Companions?

I’d also like to mention as a footnote we receive some rather bizarre requests too, so here’s a funny one. We once had a secretary contact us for her boss, she explained to us that he told her to hire all of our escorts. Now the agency I worked for were pretty busy, and they were always getting new girls in. At the time we had about 80 callgirls on the books. Now sending 80 escorts to one location seems like a terrible idea, we have no idea what he wanted them for but we had to decline, it was too risky.

A day or two later we get a phone call from this incredibly angry, nasally sounding man. As he yelled at us on speakerphone for the whole office to hear, it turns out he was planning some kind of fetish orgy. In the end we had to hang up on him because he refused to hire anything less than 20 of our girls. I guess he probably left us a bad review on Yelp.

Best Dining Arrangements in Mayfair

Mayfair is a very popular district of London and has many opportunities for exquisite dining experiences, so here is a short list of the best Mayfair restaurants;

The Greenhouse 

This lovely and beautiful restaurant creates a warm and comfortable feel in its décor, with 2 Michelin stars under its belt and a famous chef with exquisite French cuisine that also has 4 AA rosettes this restaurant is a wonder to visit, not only for the aesthetically pleasing décor but for the scrumptious and divine taste to food leaves upon your tastes.  The Greenhouse, 27a Hay’s Mews, Mayfair, London, W1J 5NY, United Kingdom

The Guinea 

The Guinea grill opened in 1952 and specialises in serving dry aged English and Scotch beef giving it the wonderful taste of Britain, as well as having an excellent meats menu you can find a brilliant selection of alcoholic drinks such as beers, ales, lagers, ciders, whiskeys, bourbon and other alcoholic beverages available here to sate your ever growing appetite.  The Guinea Grill, 30 Bruton Place Mayfair, London, W1J 6NL, United Kingdom

Galvin at Windows 

The Galvin evokes a 1930’s style of décor with a reputation that always impresses since it opened in May 2006, with views to the most iconic sites like Canary Wharf, the London eye, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and Wembley Stadium there is no room for complaint as your eyes are fixated on these icons, the food is French Haute styled which impresses all and is very sought after. Galvin at Windows, 22 Park Lane, London, W1K 1BE, United Kingdom

Beautiful Mayfair Escorts LAVINIA

With Mayfair being such a bustling and popular district in London you can imagine that its reputation for beautiful women is unquestionable, the Mayfair escorts however are the best of the best London has to offer in absolute beauty and intellect having the most amazing figures and being quite adept conversationalists you really can’t fault them for a second, these girls are the best of the best at their profession and really know how to make a man smile as well as impress them.

Famous Londoners

London being the capital city of the United Kingdom and one of the main cities of economic value can be imagined to have a huge population and also some of the most famous people who live there, so here is a short list of the most famous people who lived or were born in London many women have become famous in London for being high class escorts;

Charlie Chaplin 

Born in Walworth, South-East London, 1889 he was the icon of Hollywood’s golden age of cinema and portrayed in many films and sketches for which he became one of the biggest stars in the twentieth century, he was able to create such mesmerising scenes that even at the time Hitler was an avid fan even when the great dictator came out which was satire about him.

David Bowie 

A true inspiration to millions across the globe, born in Brixton, South London 1947 David Bowie had a life-long love for the city of London and Londoners, he starred in many films and made many albums giving him the well-deserved reputations as one of the best rock and pop artists of the twentieth century.

David Beckham 

Possibly one of the most famous footballers of all time in England, David Beckham was born in Leytonstone, East London 1975, he has become a true British icon for the 21st century although he’s quite famous for modelling and fashion his number one passion and notoriety is football.

Margret Thatcher Photograph

One of the most controversial prime ministers of the 20th century, born in Grantham, Lincolnshire she lived in London whilst being prime minister, during her reign as prime minister she had many controversial steps like the Falkland’s war and the miners strikes that denounced her reputation thoroughly.

London escorts 

In London many women have become quite famous for being extremely talented London escorts, these women are the most beautiful and gorgeous and are available 24/7 at your expense, they’re intelligent as they’re beautiful and are experts in their profession which has made the quite famous in their area of expertise.

The Best Places to Find Escorts in London

London is a city with a wealth of history that has been a popular tourist destination for generations, it is easy to see why so many people frequently visit this amazing city if you’ve been here yourself and you will never struggle to find exciting entertainment thanks to the lively and extravagant nightlife that London can boast. However the mistake many people make is a simple one, a lot of people find themselves visiting alone while waiting for a flight or on a business trip and you can’t really experience London for all it’s worth if you are here on your own. As a result the best course of action is to make a booking with one of the many London escorts that you can find all around the various areas and districts of London.

1438360018_staff_111_55bba1d2067e2There are of course, literally hundreds of agencies and directories to choose from, which can make it a difficult decision as to which one is the right one for you. If I was to make a suggestion I’d say your best bet is to choose a high class agency and pay that little extra to get what you truly desire, a woman with both class and intelligence to compliment her model good looks and charm. There are quite a lot of agencies who claim to be high class, but your best bet is to choose an agency such as Gold VIP Escorts or London Seduction Girls. These agencies have a very wide range of available girls who are all hand-picked exclusively for their talents in companionship, these are girls who know what they’re doing and are dedicated to their craft.

However you can’t expect to just book a girl and have a great time, put some thought into it and you can really have an experience you will never forget. The best ways to ensure that your booking goes smoothly are to prepare yourself accordingly and make sure you’ve chosen a hotel room suitable for your illicit encounter, or a romantic and ambient restaurant for your passionate dinner date. These simple steps will improve your evening tenfold and you would have to be incredibly ignorant to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime right here in London.

Sunborn London

Have you ever dreamt of staying somewhere luxury and unique in London? If you are looking for the ultimate stay in London than I would love to recommend to you The Sunborn London hotel. London is home to many amazing hotels but the Sunborn London has the edge compared to other hotels and here you can discover why. The Sunborn is not your average luxury hotel in fact it is far from average because you will find yourself staying on a huge luxury yacht instead of a typical hotel room. A popular place to stay for business travellers and leisure travellers who enjoy to be treated to the highest standards. Being nearby to Canary Wharf and other affluent areas of London gives its visitors plenty to be doing during the daytime as you can explore the many amazing cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs that attract many during the late evenings in the city.


Sunborn London has everything a classy and sophisticated hotel should and more some of which include an elegant reception area, beautiful bar, classy lounge and a fine dining restaurant for those special occasions. The hotel both on the inside and out is incredibly beautiful and has very high attention detail giving its visitors the stylish and luxury feel they may be after. Food, drinks and overall atmosphere at this hotel is impeccable and could not be better, making the Sunborn London hotel a fantastic place to visit with the company of a beautiful International Bunnies high class escort. Home to the most amazing Kensington escorts, International Bunnies is the go to high class London escort provider and you should look no further than their spectacular range of escorts in Kensington all of which you can book today. The brilliant views at this hotel from your room include the river Thames, 02 arena and a fabulous sunset perfect for those romantic evenings for two.

Booking an escort in the U.K

Arranging an encounter with an escort in the United Kingdom has changed over the last 10 years. Before, you typically had to know somebody who could hook you up, and that often meant dealing with characters and individuals you might be better off not knowing. Now, all you have to do to book an escort is find a trustworthy website online, make a phone call or two or send out an email, and you’re all set to go out and have some intimate fun or a date with a lady of your picking. So it’s much better and safer than before, right? Yes and no.

Booking an escort still isn’t completely safe

Karina, an escort from Park Lane

While booking an escort has evolved from the process of picking up girls on street corners and meeting unsavory types in scary places, it’s still not a foolproof industry. From being scammed out of money to getting caught out by undercover police, there are many things that can go wrong when you attempt to hire a woman online.

So how do you hire an escort without anything going wrong?

Penelope, another escort from Park Lane

It’s impossible to predict for every eventuality, but there are a few things to bear in mind when you start your hunt for a companion online. Most importantly, always retain a degree of caution. If you follow these tips you are well on your way to minimizing personal risk and ensuring your time with high class London escorts goes smoothly. If in doubt always consult your common sense, if you have it.

Our hints and tips on meeting a U.K escort

Athina Park Lane

We don’t want you to get arrested or stabbed in an alleyway, so here’s a few pieces of advice that will hopefully prevent that outcome.

  • Never send any money out over the internet for any reason. If you’re meeting an escort, you should leave the money somewhere for her to pick it up, like the bathroom. This will stop you getting scammed and remove most culpability on your part in a police case.
  • Always meet in a public(ish) place. It would be a terrible idea to go meet somebody you’ve never met before down some dingy street where you can easily be mugged.
  • Always be polite to your escort. This one isn’t necessarily going to endanger you, but hell have no fury like a woman’s wrath
  • Beware of sites with fake girl profiles. These websites strip images of models off the web and then use them to create fake women. When you ring them and ask for that specific escort, the company will just send a girl that looks similar.
  • Be wary of sexually transmitted diseases. I know this is a crude one but it still applies. Protect yourself.
  • Remember that you are paying to hire an escort. There is no need to explicitly talk about sex, it’s already implied. Police will try to get you to state your intentions out loud so they have evidence against you.
  • Try searching for escorts in your location, that typically produces the best results. For example, if you wanted an escort in Cardiff, Google ‘escorts in Cardiff‘.

Best Clubs in Chelsea

Chelsea is a very affluent district of London and continues to grow with every passing day, its clubs are some of the best in London and a great place to bring one of the many Chelsea escorts so here is a short list of the best bars in Chelsea;


Juju is a very popular club in Chelsea and bring is many locals every weekend that want to party, the atmosphere is incredible as it consists of many shot an cocktails being made freshly and thoroughly throughout the night, there cocktail list is original and extensive to the point where you think has everything on the menu been tried before, it’s also won some awards including best late night bar 2013, best mixology 2012 and best bar 2011 at the London club and bar awards. Juju 316 318 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW3 5UH


The jam tree is also an extremely popular bar and when it turns to night it becomes quite the flamboyant club, with an excellent selection of cocktails as well as on site expertise to help you find the right one for you this is one of the best bars in the Chelsea area, it also has an impressive wine menu and bloody Mary’s which are really quite the perky treat. Chelsea, 541 Kings road, SW6 2EB

Kona Kai 

Kona kai is a Polynesian inspired Hawaiian themed club which is an absolutely amazing place at night, with the amount of vibrant and masterful colours it gets everyone up and dancing with an atmosphere of pure excitement you cannot go wrong with this beauty of a bar, its menu has an extensive amount of amazing cocktails from Hawaii that literally slip down your neck with ease. 515 Fulham Road, Fulham, London, SW6 1HD

The Chelsea Escorts

These Chelsea escorts are the most beautiful and gorgeous ladies in all of Chelsea bringing you only the best women they can find to fit their ranks, they’re extremely good at their profession and can perform anything for a man’s needs and desires and don’t worry even though they’ll catch everyone’s attention at the bar they only have eyes for you and only you as they indulge in your desires.



Have a night out in Birmingham

Birmingham night

When you decide to take a night out in Birmingham, it quickly becomes apparent how spoilt for choice you are. If you’re stuck deciding on which of the many nightlife activities to partake in, have a read of this article, these options should strike you with some ideal opportunities to make your evening as fun as it can be!


Digbeth Rave

Renowned as one of the UK’s best spots for young clubbers, Digbeth should definitely be a consideration for your night out. Several establishments on Digbeth host party nights and parades throughout the year, fast-paced events with lots of people. Many of the clubs feature underground DJ talents, resulting in frantic raves and loud crazy nights.

This one is a must for students and young adults, go out and get some drinks, do a circuit of all the clubs, and dance your heart out!

Broad Street

Broad Street

Broad Street is the official mascot for the Birmingham nightlife. Aside from the wealth of bars, the largest night club in Birmingham, Gatecrasher, is on Broad Street. If you are looking to escort your friends on an authentic Birmingham Friday experience, this is the place to go. Don’t forget the Walk of Stars, United Kingdom’s very own version of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame!


Southside Bar

Closer to the centre of the city, Southside is another great choice to paint the town red in Birmingham. Possibly the most diverse choice for entertainment on a night out, Southside features plenty of top quality establishments to listen to some stellar music and an upbeat atmosphere.

Southside is for you if partying all night into the early hours of the morning is what you want to do!


Arcadian Nightlife

If you are looking for a chilled evening with music and alcohol, the Arcadian is the part of Birmingham for you. Aptly dubbed as ‘China Town’, the area around the Arcadian is quite pretty and rife with more laid-back bars, takeaways, and restaurants.

Birmingham Escort

This one is perfect if you decide to take one of your Birmingham female escorts on a decent date!

Canary Wharf things to do

There are many things to do in London and the Canary Wharf area is a spotlight for enjoyment, here you will find many entertainment venues or even just a place to lie down, many of these include;

The Everyman Cinema

This cinema is one of the best in London and is rated highly at 4 ½ stars with the brand new movies coming out every few weeks, its interior is very high class and includes premier armchairs and footrests, the screens have Sony 4k digital with 7.1 digital audio sound 3D, HD satellite, blur-ray and DVD. It also has four underground car parks and at weekends guests can spend £10 and get free car parking. Find out the latest cinema screenings here;

Shopping at Canada Place

The biggest shopping centre in Canary Wharf is Canada Place mall, it contains hundreds of shops, bars. Cafes, grills and restaurants it’s an exceptionally huge shopping centre with the Westferry circus just to the North, even the Everyman cinema is located in the shopping centre.

East Wintergarden

This is one of the biggest highlights in the Canary Wharf as it is a huge dining complex created for the Elite and Wealthy now for the public, it has 3 halls for hire The Main hall, The Gallery and the Promenade Room, The Main hall is the biggest and most spacious room which has an arched glass atrium which is 27 meters. The Gallery is situated above the Main Hall and has some stunning architecture. The Promenade Room is the smallest and can be used for business meetings or be a changing room for performers.

Dining in the Wharf

There are 3 main places of interest in the Wharf one of them is the Plateau Restaurant, Bar and Grill this futuristic place sits at the fourth prime spot in the Canary Wharf and serves scrumptious highly rated cuisine as well as two private dining rooms and an outdoor terrace. Next on our list is Bleecker Street which has been recently awarded with ‘the tastiest burger in the World’ by using only fresh ingredients around London. Our last restaurant is Sticks’N’Sushi which server high quality foods mixing fish, meats and vegetables on skewers with a hint of Nordic influence on top of sharing plates and set menus. Here is a link to the Bleecker website

Feeling lonely?

When you’ve got so many places and things to do without company you can feel pretty lonesome, however there is the lilith-escort which can put you into contact with lovely and intelligent women who only deserve the most respectable of gentlemen. As they’re high class they deserve high class persons as they’re beautifully positive and sensually personality who are available 24/7.

Why is Chelsea So Popular

There are many reasons this affluent city is so popular one of them reasons is this city being arguably the most affluent city in the whole of London. As you can imagine with this place being so affluent some of the businesses in this city are truly something to behold especially the food establishments here, one of the food establishments that brings the most praise from food critics is La Famiglia this restaurant serves up arguably the best of the best when it comes to Italian cuisine in this city. This restaurant creates a unrivalled atmosphere anywhere else in the city of Chelsea, the staff here are also very good all customers that come here seem to leave being happy with their visit. If you a fan of Italian cuisine then why not try this restaurant with some of Lilith Escort Chelsea escorts  by your side to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman while indulging in some of the best food around.

la famiglia

As was said before one of the main reasons this city is so popular is the amount of high class businesses are in the area which makes sense with how affluent this area is. If you are tourist coming to this city and you were browsing for hotels then you would be pleasantly surprised at how many luxurious hotels this place has to offer. One of the hotels that is a must try when visiting Chelsea is definitely the Blakes Hotel, this place is one of the few 5 star hotels in Chelsea so you know when booking a room here you are going to experience the best of luxury.

blakes hotel

Chelsea has so much to offer it is truly impossible to list all the things to do, the couple of things that are listed above are a very good place to start.