Gorgeous Chelsea Escorts From International Bunnies

Chelsea is famous for many things, whether it’s Chelsea Football club or the hit TV show made in Chelsea, but on thing that International Bunnies are trying to make it famous for are their incredible Chelsea escorts, who you can find here. I have booked from this brand new escort agency quite a few time now and I can honestly say I have been very impressed with both the friendly and helpful service they offer as well as how amazing the young ladies are on their website! These girls are just gorgeous and could easily be lingerie models, and you could be taking them out for dinner! I have attached below some images off the agency website, to give you a preview of how hot these girls are!

1424173752_staff_82_54e32ab8e85a2 thumbnail (2) thumbnail (5)

As you can see from above these amazing Chelsea escorts are just gorgeous and they obviously enjoy wearing their incredible lingerie! The great thing about International Bunnies is the fact that they do both incall and outcall bookings, which means they you can arrange for the escort to come round to your place or hotel, or in fact meet them at their apartment. Of course you can also meet them at your favorite restaurant too, so it just makes things so convenient and simple. I went out with Klaudia the other evening, she is the young lady above (on top). We went out to a great restaurant and had a very enjoyable evening, the food was brilliant and the atmosphere was great!

The restaurant was called Lucio and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to take one of the Chelsea escorts. It is a small Italian restaurant  located at 257 Fulham Road. SW3 6HY and I as I was saying before, the atmosphere is just perfect for a romantic evening!

There Is A Perfect Escort Just For You

When choosing an elite Park Lane escort to spend some quality time with gentlemen have very individual and unique preferences. Not every gentleman is attracted to the sexy and friendly blonde. Not every man wants to wine and dine a beautiful busty brunette.


Fortunately there is a wide selection of female attributes and assets to admire and choice from. The perfect high class London escort is always available and waiting for you.


What Are Your Preferences?


Whatever your preference is there is a classy elite Park Lane escort that ticks all the right boxes. Whether you’re looking for a companion to share an intimate candlelit dinner with or someone you can get hot and sweaty in a nightclub with, all you have to do is browse through the gallery to find her. Young and adventurous and mature and sophisticated high class London escorts are featured in the gallery. You can check the individual profiles for statistical information and details on each attractive escort’s likes and dislikes.


The high class Park Lane escort experience is an ideal way to spend hassle free, no strings attached time with a beautiful companion. These elite escorts will treat you like a VIP and are attentive to your every need. Whatever experience you have in mind your exclusive London escort companion will be happy to come along for the ride.


Your Perfect Escort


How do you know an escort is perfect for you? Male preferences usually take a few things into consideration: hair colour, height, body type, breast size and overall physical appearance. If you’re a gentleman who has a thing for busty redheads you can customise your online search so that your most important requirements are given priority status.


If you’re a gentlemen who is open to persuasion a look through the gallery may provide you with a difficult choice. The alluring and seductive photographs in the gallery show off each elite Park Lane escort’s best features. Exploring the profiles of the escorts that you find the most appealing will help you decide just how compatible they might be.


What Exactly Is The Perfect Escort?


The perfect high class Park Lane escort is a confident, intelligent beauty with charm and charisma. She is friendly and engaging and knows how to make every man feel special. As a companion she will treat you like a VIP and she only has eyes for you.

Everything In Moderation

When booking an appointment with beautiful high class Honeys of London Escorts it is easy to get carried away by the anticipation and excitement of spending time in such scintillating company. Getting into the party spirit on your own, before your guest has even arrived, will give her the wrong impression about you.

It is important to act like a gentleman and to moderate your behaviour. While booze can certainly loosen things up it’s important to identify the disadvantages of being too relaxed.

Five Reasons To Moderate Your Intake


  1. Alcohol is a depressant and slows down your central nervous system, whilst also dulling your senses. Although you may not drink much over the course of a short appointment with an exclusive high class London escort, extended bookings may make you feel more inclined to let the alcohol flow.
  2. Alcohol influences discretion and inhibition. It’s a proven fact that alcohol removes the barriers to behavior. Under the influence of booze you may feel compelled to act out of character and display unacceptable behaviour. Not everyone handles alcohol in the same way so what makes one person tipsy may intoxicate another person in a much more affected way.
  3. 3. Alcohol hinders judgment. Under the influence of drink you are more likely to miss warning signs that could impact on your health and safety. This includes not being alert to drink tampering.
  4. Alcohol loosens the tongue. A few too many can soon have you disclosing all of the private and confidential information that you have previously been discreet about. Sharing too much personal information puts your privacy at risk.
  5. Alcohol blows your budget. Splashing the cash on free flowing booze is a very quick way to dramatically increase your bill for an evening in the company of a sexy high class London escort. You may have budgeted with care, but being too generous with alcohol quickly maximises your spend.


Moderating the consumption of alcohol will ensure that you fully enjoy the appointment with your high class London escort companion.


  • Be level headed. It is fine to calm your nerves with a sip or two of alcohol but don’t be tempted to drink half a bottle.
  • Do offer the attractive high class escort a drink on her arrival. Sharing a drink is sociable and will relax you both.
  • Do have a selection of drinks available.


  • Do not settle your nerves by downing a couple of alcoholic drinks before the attractive escort arrives.
  • Don’t ply the escort with alcohol. If she politely declines accept this and offer non alcoholic beverages.
  • Don’t fall down drunk during the course of the evening. Not only is this sort of behaviour disrespectful, but it is also likely to restrict your chances of making further appointments to spend time with this exclusive London escort.

Sexy Istanbul Escorts From Diva

Istanbul is a beautiful city, in an amazing country which is full of culture and beauty, which of course includes the incredible Istanbul escorts from and agency called Istanbul Diva! I booked one of these girls last time I was in the city, which was a couple of weeks ago and I mus say I had one hell of a good time, her name was Dasha and we got on like old friends, not to mention how good looking she is! The agency is also really professional and ensure that you are looked after, as well as been really helpful in telling you where there escorts like to dine in the city. I have attached some pictures of Dasha from the agency website below, so you can see how gorgeous this young lady is!

Dasha3 Dasha1

Above is just a small selection of the sexy lingerie that this sexy Istanbul escort has, when I met with her, she was wearing Lacey red  lingerie that left little to the imagination! It was also clear that Dasha always like to look her best, as when we went out for a meal she had on a bright red designer dress, that just looked fantastic and I can safely say that all eyes were on her, for all the right reasons!

The restaurant we went to was actually a recommendation from the escort agency and in my opinion they couldn’t have chose better! The food was fantastic, the service was superb and the views across the water were breath taking, a truly perfect place to take one of the amazing Istanbul escorts! The restaurant was called Yuksel restaurant, you can see their website her! The address is Yeşilköy, Liman Sk No:2, 34149 İstanbul which is right on the seafront, so perfect for those romantic evening views across the bay.

London escorts agencies

Escort agencies are very common in London, one search on Google and you are presented with thousands of London escort agencies all promising you the best service, the hottest girls etc. However not all of these do what they claim too, I have had my fair share of horror stories over the years and I know plenty of others who stopped using escorts all together due to their poor experiences with such poor agencies. This being said there is light at the end of the tunnel, this light comes in the form of an exceptional agency that I have been using for the past couple of years, relatively new, I first heard about the agency through an escort directory site which led to me being sceptical. Two years later though and I am pleased to call myself a regular VIP client of Mayfair Girls London escorts. Dubbed as London’s most fashionable and stylish agency, I could not agree more, they get definite 10 out of 10 from me.

So what’s so special about Mayfair Girls? Firstly their website is head and shoulders above any other agency I have used in the past; elegantly coloured and designed! In terms of using the website it is very straight forward and there are a variety of tools at your disposal in order to narrow down your search; either by clicking on a certain gallery such as the Eastern European Gallery (LINK TO mayfairgirls.com/escorts/Eastern-European-Escorts. The other option is to go to the gallery page mayfairgirls.com/escorts and use the efficient drop down menus to refine your search down to the perfect girl for you. As a regular user of the site I can’t speak highly enough of how easy and straight forward it is to find the girl I am looking for.

After using the site comes the part that is usually daunting, however that isn’t the case with Mayfair Girls; when you call them up they are always very friendly and keen to ensure I am comfortable. Regularly asking me my likes, my dislikes etc. in order to offer their own opinion on which girl would be best based on what they have heard via feedback and the review system which is on their homepage. Time after time this agency delivers me the goods, a high class London escort agency!

Valentines Day With A Sexy Nottingham Escort

As all of you will be aware, valentines day is fast approaching. The most romantic day of the year or the most commercialised day of the year? No matter what your thoughts on it are, it is a really great opportunity to book one of the sexy Nottingham escorts from a great agency called Bohemia and go and have a good time! Booking a companion, really does give you the best of both worlds, you can spend time with an attractive, funny and interesting young lady, but not have to worry about the drawbacks of a relationship the day after! The girls number one priority is to make sure you are nothing but 100% satisfied as well, so you can be sure of an evening full of pleasure and fun! I have put a couple of photos from the escort agency website below, so you can see how beautiful these girls are!

The great thing about booking an escort in Nottingham on valentines is that there is so much to do, even on this late notice, you can still plan something. Whether it is dining at one of the many amazing restaurants, or simply grabbing a drink and a snack a luxury and modern bar, which seem to be getting more and more popular. The reason why I recommend booking off of Bohemia is that they no the area really well, so can point you in the right direction if you are unsure where to take your escort out.

If you would prefer to do a bit of pre-planning however then allow me to recommend my favourite place to eat when I am in the city. It has a really chilled out vibe and is certainly the perfect place to meet one of the sexy Nottingham escorts from Bohemia. It is called French Living, a beautiful little French restaurant with a creperie and cheese shop on the side, what could be better!

Amazing Mayfair Escorts From Carmen’s

Mayfair is one of the nicest parts of London, with some of the most expensive real estate in the world attracting some of the cities wealthiest individuals to the area. As well as this, the neighbourhood offers some of the most exclusive shops in the city as well as independent coffee shops, serving up only the most delicious coffee and treats. Another great thing about this place, that is not often mentioned is the gorgeous Mayfair escorts, who are some of the most attractive young women in the whole city, the best of them coming from an exclusive agency called Carmen’s Secrets. You can find the agency website here where you will see loads of images, as well as information about the individual escorts. I have attached some of the girls images from the site below, so you can see just how amazing they are!

Daisy 3thumbnail (1) thumbnail

I booked the young lady with the blue shoes a couple of weeks ago now, her name is Lauren and I just had the best of times with her! We had arranged to be together most of the day and then she was going to stay the night at my hotel, so pretty much the girlfriend experience. We started things off by browsing the shops on the Burlington Arcade and I must admit I did buy her a few things, but hey, that’s is what Mayfair escorts like! We then went for a drink, before enjoying a lovely meal and then heading back to my hotel for an evening filled with fun and flirting!

If you are planning on doing a similar sort of thing next time you are in London and like the look of the Mayfair escorts, then I would love to recommend the restaurant we went to, as it was just fantastic!  The place is called The Hakkasan, a modern Cantonese restaurant, with a really great atmosphere. You can find it at 17 Bruton Street, W1J 6QB.


Booking Manchester Escorts for a friend

Certain questions must first be answered when choosing the perfect Manchester escorts for someone else. It can be tricky; you must put your own preferences aside and focus on the third party. Ask yourself what age range would your friend like, for instance would your friend prefer a toned escort companion of twenty one with youthful exuberance, or maybe the more mature escorts in Manchester with a glamorous sophisticated appeal? You must also think about what kind of personality does your friend have? And what type of lady would be compatible with him? Remembering this experience is all about pleasing your friend’s desires. For instance would an educated lady stimulate not just his mind but also his body and soul? Or would he find a more down to earth lady easier to connect with and therefore feel more comfortable with. One of the more crucial factors to be considered is what type of figure is best suited to him. Would he be attracted to busty, bubbly blonde escorts or slim and glamorous brunettes? Choosing a liaison between your friend and an exclusive escort can be very easy with the correct insight to what he is looking for.


Once the date is set and the right Exclusive Company Manchester escorts is selected, all that is left to do is choosing the venue. Bearing in mind both parties need to be comfortable within this venue suggesting a hotel with a bar or restaurant so the couple can meet in a social situation to perhaps share some fine dining and champagne to get to know each other a little better before they become more intimate where the fun can begin. Both parties can enjoy the delights the night has to offer. Your friend will thank you for this amazing experience with one of our exclusive Manchester escorts. Sure enough he will literally be floating on air after having the most incredible experience of his life; you may even be tempted yourself.


Call the best agency in Manchester to answer all your questions Exclusive Company Escort Agency. Arrange that magical date for your friend and discuss the personal details for your friends once in a lifetime date to remember, which after he confides in you how fantastic a time he has had, you will be envious of the time he had with his beautiful escort companion in Manchester. If you would like to arrange a birthday surprise or just give your friend a pick up moment then this experience is definitely a winner, after all what are friends for?

Finding the right partner

Everyone has a busy life style so fitting in certain experience can be difficult. For example if you are looking for a companion. In London everyone has somewhere to be so you will find it incredibly difficult to stop someone and as for their number. Also not many people have the confidence to do such a thing to a complete stranger. So there must be an easier way for you to do this and there is. With only a quick phone call you can have the women of your dreams on her way to your location for a night of fun and romance. I’m sure you would like to spend time with a gorgeous model whenever the mood strikes you?

 So how can you do this well by visiting a high class escort agency such as Elite VIP Models. They have you perfect women waiting for you to give her a call. This professional companionship agency cuts out the horrible experience of stopping a stranger on the street to ask if they are available. With them you only need to call you your date will be on her way. But be sure to do what you can to impress the girls. They love to be treated the right way so make sure that you surprise them with something nice and from there you will be able to start the night well. And do not worry as these models will be sure to return the favour.

 So come and meet your perfect partner. Explore more about them by visiting the website and seeing all their single companions. They make sure that all customers are satisfied so you will be greeted by their friendly staff who are on call all week to make sure your date runs smoothly. Do not make an effort of meetings the right women for you. Simply get in contact with this agency and have the best night of your life.

Visit – Elite VIP Models

London escorts

Jermyn Street is not necessarily` the best well known shopping street in Central London, in fact this road is more typecast towards one style and that is elegant men’s wear, Jermyn Street is one of the most renowned areas for buying fine men’s clothes, shoes and for generally looking after yourselves. Located in the heart of St James, just around the corner from St James Palace, the road is one way and runs from Haymarket to St James Street. Read on to find out more and more about it, what shops are there and where is good to go, if you are looking for some company then please be advised that you are only really going to want to book a high class London escort as anything less will just stand out far to much.

Davidoff of London have a lovely store located on the corner of Jermyn Street and St James Street, this store is a great place to go if you want to purchase great cigars and cigarettes that really stand out, no Mayfairs for us here and yes some of us do still a cigarette with our coffee and a cigar sitting in the smoking room of a beautiful London hotel – there is a little bit of style to that. Top it of with the company of a beautiful high-class escort and really you do have the perfect day/evening

Thomas Pink is one of the most famous shirt makers in the world and you will find one of their best stores in Jermyn Street, remember this road is dedicated to gentleman’s fashion and you do not get any better than Thomas Pink. For years these guys have made the best shirts, made famous by City brokers and sought after now by one and all.

Crocket and jones opened their flagship store in Jermyn Street in 2011 located at number 92 Crocket and Jones are one of the very few remaining shoe markers located in Northampton, Northampton was where all the best shoes were made and shoes from there were sought after the world over. They do a range of boots ( Chelsea and Desert) which are probably the best men’s boots that have ever been seen, a great deal of thought and idea has gone into the ideal of the desing and they have been made classics, a pair of these should be in every well dressed mans wardrobe.

I have told you where to find the clothes and a little about the area but I seem to have missed out on one of the most important points, you can search and search and search but the very best high class London escorts can only be found here……