Sensual and Erotic Gay Massage

Why limit yourself to the admittedly wonderful feeling of a man’s hands when you can have his whole body? That’s right – there’s simply no good reason. More and more people are taking the plunge and finding out about gay body to body massage, an increasingly popular part of the gay tantric massage experience. It entails a strong, fit masseur using his oiled, gleaming body to form one sensual entity with yours, and it’s a transcendental epiphany, almost holy in its brilliance and beauty. It proves once and for all that there is absolutely nothing shameful about the pleasures of the flesh. Whatever your beliefs, it stands to reason that the soothing thrills of gay body to body massage were given to us to enjoy and then enjoy again. And again.

If you’re ambivalent and have never traveled this road before, that’s understandable. Not everyone can be a bon vivant straight away and we’ve all had inhibitions at one time or another. But as long as we’re not harming others, these inhibitions serve no purpose and should be crisply dispensed with. In the arms of Tantric Soul, you will find all the help you need to do this, whether quickly or slowly, briskly or gently. Surrendering your mind and body to the calming yet arousing benefits of gay tantric massage is a wonderful way to bid goodbye to your hang ups and break free from the prison of repressive social conditioning. Here, you can smash through one pleasure ceiling after another, with a sexy and beautiful man as your dependable guide. Hot oils and scented candles, along with the phenomenal interaction you will achieve together, create the perfect setting for an adventure of the senses. Once you’ve given yourself up to the hot, prolonged sensations that a man can deliver to you with his hands, you’ll want to progress to the gay body to body massage. It’s the logical next step.

Gay tantric massage integrates the senses, with a particular emphasis on touch and sight. It will heighten your sensitivity and elevate your pleasure in ways you never knew were possible. Close your eyes and imagine what it might be like to have a toned, muscular, achingly handsome man hold his naked body against yours. Spend a few moments just thinking what he might be able to do with his fingers and palms. Then think of what his hot, wet torso could feel like pressed against yours. It’s one of those experiences so good it seems a sin…but it’s not. It’s gay tantric massage…body to body…untold bliss that’s waiting for you right now.

Museums in Doha

So, you’ve arrived in Doha and you’re looking for something to do to kill the time until you meet with one of the gorgeous Doha escorts from VIP Diamond Models. There are many things to see and do in Doha with the numerous rooftop bars and the mall, but if shopping’s not your thing you should consider having a look at one of the Museums in and around Doha, as they’re all great for a relaxing day out. In this article I’m going to be overviewing a few of my favourite Doha Museums, in no particular order. Please remember this is just my opinion and the museums are always changing so the information in this article may be outdated in the near future.

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

While the name of this museum is a bit of a mouthful, it’s definitely worth checking out. Featuring huge collections of Arabic artifacts and paintings as well as religious artifacts and even classic cars, there’s an awful lot to be learned here. There’s even an exhibit featuring a house from Syria that has been dismantled and moved to the museum. With the admission being completely free, there’s no reason not to visit this fantastic museum

Museum of Islamic Art

Probably the most well-known museum in Doha is the Museum of Islamic Art. It has definitely earned its reputation as it has some outstanding exhibits and a very peaceful, relaxing atmosphere to help ensure you get the most out of your visit. Designed by the great IM Pei, most famous for his work on the Louvre, this very well presented museum is a must if you have an interest in art.

Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art

Another great museum that can be entered completely free of charge, the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art is a truly world class museum, with incredibly interesting exhibits that will keep you entertained for hours. There’s also a free bus service that takes you just outside, which is a great bonus as the museum itself can be quite difficult to find.

Mayfair escorts at Claridge’s

Claridge’s is an institution in London hotels.  In fact it’s an English institution.  Whether it’s high tea, a weekend break or an extended trip, Claridge’s is one of the best hotels in Mayfair.  So you probably guessed that our Mayfair escorts know a little about it…

You see, when you stay at Claridge’s you book the best company you can get your hands on (no pun intended there of course!)  London Deluxe has always been a popular choice with the affluent and discerning among you we are aware, and it’s for this reason we know you will trust our judgement and opinion when it comes to reviewing a hotel of this standard.

Mayfair escorts overview

Claridge’s is a beautiful hotel, make no mistake about it.  It’s situated quite literally in the heart of Mayfair, and if this is where you need to be for work or pleasure, you couldn’t choose a better place.  The bars and restaurants around Mayfair are very good indeed; not to mention the shopping if you’re looking for that someone special!  A stroll through Grosvenor Square Gardens is always nice on a summer evening, and even better if you have the company of one of our Mayfair escorts.

The staff at Claridge’s are clearly highly trained and they do their job efficiently and in excellent spirits.  It’s clear that they are very well looked after, from the maids to the concierge.  Rooms are always impeccably presented, and the décor throughout the hotel speaks of affluence and good taste.

The rooms

It kind of goes without saying that the rooms at Claridge’s will be excellent.  All the rooms our Mayfair escorts have spent time in and even stayed in, have always been up to scratch; and these young stunners know good quality when they experience it.  They’re all decorated tastefully, and the girls always remark how wonderful the marble floored bathrooms are!  The suites are something else entirely however.  These beauties are designed by Linley and Diane von Furstenberg (Royal designers!)

But out of all the things that really count, our Mayfair escorts love the little touches of luxury.  Fresh flowers in the room don’t take a lot of time, trouble or money, but they make all the difference.  Having valet, maid and waiter services at the press of a button also help to remind you that you’re staying in a world class hotel!

The dining experience: Fera at Claridge’s and High Tea

If you’re staying here then you’re likely to be able to afford dinner here, let’s face it.  And dinner, courtesy of award winning Chef Simon Rogan, really is something else.  Fine dining without all the ridiculousness you get at so many places these days (not mentioning any names, but Heston Blumenthal comes to mind!) doesn’t get much better than the fresh and contemporary English dishes created here.

We couldn’t really enter any discourse about Claridge’s without mentioning their “high tea,” now could we?  This is arguably one of their most famous attractions, so it’s not surprising that it’s widely regarded as the best in London.  It’s not just tea here, there’s also a champagne option that’s very appealing if you want to “wet your whistle” before dinner!  It’s a bit cheeky, but it’s something our Mayfair escorts are very fond of!

Visit Claridge’s website now for more information and to book your stay.  We are confident you won’t be disappointed.  It’s often best to book your Mayfair escorts from London Deluxe in advance, but there are usually a number of companions available should you need to call us when you get there.

Browse the gallery and see who is available…


Best Casinos In London

If your looking for an incredible night out of gambling the Palm Beach casino in the heart of Mayfair in London is a must visit. The casino offers many games from your traditional table games to your most up to date games in electronic games. They offer such table games as, American Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and 3 card poker they also the most up to date technology in electronic games. The slot machines here have a possible pay out of 20,000, this establishment also has a high stakes room alongside a room dedicated to Texas Hold ‘Em. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by one of the most stunning London Escorts.palm beach casino

No matter whether you’re an experienced gambler or a novice the Grovesnor Victoria Casino in London is a great night out. The casino is perfect for any type of gambler or even non gambler because they hold a learn to play night every last Wednesday of the month. You can never get bored while attending this establishment with the long list of table and electronic games some of which are, Roulette, Blackjack, Jackpot slots, Three card poker and the list goes on. When attending here why not be accompanied by one of the most eye-catching London escorts.


One of the best casinos in the capital goes by the name of the Hippodrome casino, this establishment won casino of the year back in 2013. The Hippodrome casino has 3 floors dedicated to gambling with over 45 tables for gaming some of which are, Roulette, Blackjack, Three card poker and Baccarat plus many more. This casino has an incredible restaurant in the grounds making this the perfect night out of gambling. This is the perfect spot to be accompanied by one of the most beautiful London Escorts before heading to a more private location to enjoy the time of your life.

London, England. Hippodrome Casino.  PHOTO: MORTEN RAKKE

Best Restaurants In Marylebone

Orrey is arguably the highest class French restaurant in the Marylebone area. The restaurant is the perfect location to enjoy a meal in the sun with its impeccable terrace, it has a very relaxing feel which is hard to find in this area and if its not peaceful enough for you as it is you can also privately book the terrace. Orrey also holds cigar and champagne tasting which takes place on the 16th September. This is the ideal location to be joined by one of the stunning Marylebone escorts.


The Italian restaurant named locanda locatelli really is the place to be for Italian cuisine in the Marylebone area. Upon arrival you will be struck by the incredible modern décor, this really is one of the most stylish restaurants around. This establishment really does have a warm welcoming and peaceful feel to it one of the reasons for that is the staff they work around the clock to make sure you enjoy your meal and will want to be returning again and all they do is done with enthusiasm and a smile which is what all customers want to see. Locanda locatelli offers a wide variety of Italian cuisine and you can be confident when visiting here for a meal all food is going to be of the highest order no matter what you decide to order.


The Michelin starred restaurant Texture really is a must visit. As you can imagine the food served at this critically acclaimed restaurant is impeccable they serve modern European food with a Scandinavian twist with the head chef roots coming from Iceland. The restaurant also offers a wide variety of wines and champagnes to offer both lists really are must try. If your looking for a location to book for a private event or even meal Texture also offers this service.

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Ten Best London Strip Clubs You Must Visit

London is the haven for people seeking to fulfill their naughty pleasures. This city offers a wide array of adult fun and entertainment from escort services to strip clubs and everything in between. You are only really restricted by your imagination!  If you enjoy going to a strip club but hate coming back home empty-handed, then notch the fun up a bit by hiring the services of London escorts to accompany you when you next hit a strip bar so that you can get your hands moving and satiate carnal thirst in the club itself. Here is a list of the top ten strip clubs in London that you must visit.

Whites Gentlemen’s Club

This has a reputation of being this city’s premier lap dancing club which is discreet and offers bountiful style and class. Beautiful girls are available in abundance. You can enjoy pole dancing as well as private booth sessions with private dancers. If all the hotness around turns you on, then lean on the gorgeous lady beside you for some real action.


This club offers not only a bevy of seductive girls but also a mouth watering menu and a fully-stocked bar. The specialty of this club is that you get to enjoy nude dance shows by exotic dancers. If you want, you could also take the floor with your gorgeous companion.

The Gaslight Gentlemans Night Club

This strip club is an ideal place to relax, unwind and have fun. It is famous for its stunning hostesses and attractive nude table dancers. Enjoy the show while sipping on a wide range of champagne. The hostesses and the table dancers found in this club are renowned for their talent, beauty and charm. You shall not be disappointed!

Spearmint Rhino

This is an elegant, discreet and luxurious club with some of the hottest dancers from around the world. Stage shows are performed all through the night to provide you with complete entertainment ad treat for your eyes. This club can provide you with the ultimate visual experience and if you have the desire to touch or be frisky, the professional women accompanying you is right beside you.

The Windmill Internationals

The Windmill Internationals offers stunning beauties and dancers from all around the globe. Brazilian to Asian dancers is available to tantalize your needs. Whether you want them to dance in lingerie or fully nude, it’s totally your call. They also offer VIP balcony to create the perfect ambience for intimate moments.

Secrets 1

This club offers fully nude table dances, extraordinary personal services and a fully stocked bar to satiate all your desires and senses. Bring your partner along and enjoy some hot, intimate moments while treating your eyes with nude dances from exotic dancers.

Sunset Strip

This club offers top-notch striptease entertainment in an affordable price and relaxed, friendly environment. Gulp down your favorite drink and watch the girls entertain you with their seductive and exotic striptease.


If you like to stay out and have fun all night, then this club is ideal for you. It stays open till 6am in the morning and offers fully nude lap dancing, table dancing and stage dancing all night long. It provides for a relaxed and fun atmosphere with special attractions such as themed parties. The exotic dancers that are going to keep you entertained all night long are absolute divas and are an absolute treat for your eyes.

Secrets 2

This strip bar has a very cozy and intimate atmosphere where you and your companion can have a wonderful time watching fully nude dances and indulging in some intimate activities. This is hailed as one of the perfect places to spend an evening. Unwind, relax and just let yourself go with the sound of the music and the movement of the body of the dancers.

Peter Stringfellows Angels

This is unlike other gentlemen’s clubs and this is an absolute glamorous place with numerous booths, hideaways and booths. It has three floors offering table dancing, pole dancing and nude dancing. The dancers are brought from around the world and they are one-of-a-kind in terms of their beauty and talent.

After spending a fun night in the company of a professional woman in any one of the above mentioned clubs, return to your bedroom and get ready for a wonderful show that the London escorts will be too happy to put up for you. All the moves that you had seen in the club can be replayed for you in the privacy of your bedroom and just for you. So, the next time you decide to go to a strip club, do not forget to take an escort along for ultimate fun!

Relish the anticipation of a London escort

Isn’t that half of the thrill guys? Waiting in your hotel room for that knock on the door? Or perhaps in a restaurant, or the hotel lobby? Or maybe the feeling as you step into a cab and give him directions, knowing you’re going to see an incall London escort?

Whatever it is, it’s all part and parcel of the experience we know. The feeling can be likened to that first step over the threshold of a new girlfriend’s bedroom door, or a mutual attraction between yourself and someone you meet, that simply doesn’t seem to happen enough these days. You can have this feeling with a London escort gentlemen. We all need these little bursts of passion and wanting in our lives, its part and parcel of what makes us human after all!

Meeting your London escort

So what is it that captures you the most? The anticipation of the first smile? What she will be wearing? There are numerous things to anticipate about meeting your London escort. It will of course depend upon whether or not you’ve booked a companion before. If you have then you’ll already know the feeling and it’s arguably why you’re doing it again. If you haven’t, there really is nothing like it. The women you see on this website in particular are stunning beyond belief and mostly unlike any woman you would be dating. Why not take a look at the gallery and imagine what your favourite would look like standing at your door waiting for you to answer.

No need to worry about it!

There really is no need to worry about anything when it comes to the girls we have at the agency. Each and every one of them are highly professional and know just how to handle themselves in quite literally any social situation. The girls are well used to dining out in style, they’re well used to negotiating even the most difficult of hotel lobbies and they’re exquisitely effective at making you feel completely and absolutely relaxed.

Also, booking an escort is a very normal thing to do these days when you’re in the city with time on your hands and you’re in need of some female attention. It’s widely considered as a gentleman’s hobby, if you will! The girls are here for you and they all entered this career because they know exactly what they’re doing and what they want to achieve; so why not indulge yourself?

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Gorgeous Chelsea Escorts From International Bunnies

Chelsea is famous for many things, whether it’s Chelsea Football club or the hit TV show made in Chelsea, but on thing that International Bunnies are trying to make it famous for are their incredible Chelsea escorts, who you can find here. I have booked from this brand new escort agency quite a few time now and I can honestly say I have been very impressed with both the friendly and helpful service they offer as well as how amazing the young ladies are on their website! These girls are just gorgeous and could easily be lingerie models, and you could be taking them out for dinner! I have attached below some images off the agency website, to give you a preview of how hot these girls are!

1424173752_staff_82_54e32ab8e85a2 thumbnail (2) thumbnail (5)

As you can see from above these amazing Chelsea escorts are just gorgeous and they obviously enjoy wearing their incredible lingerie! The great thing about International Bunnies is the fact that they do both incall and outcall bookings, which means they you can arrange for the escort to come round to your place or hotel, or in fact meet them at their apartment. Of course you can also meet them at your favorite restaurant too, so it just makes things so convenient and simple. I went out with Klaudia the other evening, she is the young lady above (on top). We went out to a great restaurant and had a very enjoyable evening, the food was brilliant and the atmosphere was great!

The restaurant was called Lucio and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to take one of the Chelsea escorts. It is a small Italian restaurant  located at 257 Fulham Road. SW3 6HY and I as I was saying before, the atmosphere is just perfect for a romantic evening!

There Is A Perfect Escort Just For You

When choosing an elite Park Lane escort to spend some quality time with gentlemen have very individual and unique preferences. Not every gentleman is attracted to the sexy and friendly blonde. Not every man wants to wine and dine a beautiful busty brunette.


Fortunately there is a wide selection of female attributes and assets to admire and choice from. The perfect high class London escort is always available and waiting for you.


What Are Your Preferences?


Whatever your preference is there is a classy elite Park Lane escort that ticks all the right boxes. Whether you’re looking for a companion to share an intimate candlelit dinner with or someone you can get hot and sweaty in a nightclub with, all you have to do is browse through the gallery to find her. Young and adventurous and mature and sophisticated high class London escorts are featured in the gallery. You can check the individual profiles for statistical information and details on each attractive escort’s likes and dislikes.


The high class Park Lane escort experience is an ideal way to spend hassle free, no strings attached time with a beautiful companion. These elite escorts will treat you like a VIP and are attentive to your every need. Whatever experience you have in mind your exclusive London escort companion will be happy to come along for the ride.


Your Perfect Escort


How do you know an escort is perfect for you? Male preferences usually take a few things into consideration: hair colour, height, body type, breast size and overall physical appearance. If you’re a gentleman who has a thing for busty redheads you can customise your online search so that your most important requirements are given priority status.


If you’re a gentlemen who is open to persuasion a look through the gallery may provide you with a difficult choice. The alluring and seductive photographs in the gallery show off each elite Park Lane escort’s best features. Exploring the profiles of the escorts that you find the most appealing will help you decide just how compatible they might be.


What Exactly Is The Perfect Escort?


The perfect high class Park Lane escort is a confident, intelligent beauty with charm and charisma. She is friendly and engaging and knows how to make every man feel special. As a companion she will treat you like a VIP and she only has eyes for you.

Everything In Moderation

When booking an appointment with beautiful high class Honeys of London Escorts it is easy to get carried away by the anticipation and excitement of spending time in such scintillating company. Getting into the party spirit on your own, before your guest has even arrived, will give her the wrong impression about you.

It is important to act like a gentleman and to moderate your behaviour. While booze can certainly loosen things up it’s important to identify the disadvantages of being too relaxed.

Five Reasons To Moderate Your Intake


  1. Alcohol is a depressant and slows down your central nervous system, whilst also dulling your senses. Although you may not drink much over the course of a short appointment with an exclusive high class London escort, extended bookings may make you feel more inclined to let the alcohol flow.
  2. Alcohol influences discretion and inhibition. It’s a proven fact that alcohol removes the barriers to behavior. Under the influence of booze you may feel compelled to act out of character and display unacceptable behaviour. Not everyone handles alcohol in the same way so what makes one person tipsy may intoxicate another person in a much more affected way.
  3. 3. Alcohol hinders judgment. Under the influence of drink you are more likely to miss warning signs that could impact on your health and safety. This includes not being alert to drink tampering.
  4. Alcohol loosens the tongue. A few too many can soon have you disclosing all of the private and confidential information that you have previously been discreet about. Sharing too much personal information puts your privacy at risk.
  5. Alcohol blows your budget. Splashing the cash on free flowing booze is a very quick way to dramatically increase your bill for an evening in the company of a sexy high class London escort. You may have budgeted with care, but being too generous with alcohol quickly maximises your spend.


Moderating the consumption of alcohol will ensure that you fully enjoy the appointment with your high class London escort companion.


  • Be level headed. It is fine to calm your nerves with a sip or two of alcohol but don’t be tempted to drink half a bottle.
  • Do offer the attractive high class escort a drink on her arrival. Sharing a drink is sociable and will relax you both.
  • Do have a selection of drinks available.


  • Do not settle your nerves by downing a couple of alcoholic drinks before the attractive escort arrives.
  • Don’t ply the escort with alcohol. If she politely declines accept this and offer non alcoholic beverages.
  • Don’t fall down drunk during the course of the evening. Not only is this sort of behaviour disrespectful, but it is also likely to restrict your chances of making further appointments to spend time with this exclusive London escort.