Body Parts

Tantric massages are a great way to learn how to set boundaries and open up to 1461419020_staff_543_571b7c0ce01a6people when we aren’t sure how to do so. Unlike any other massage kind when you’re getting a tantric massage you decide where and when the masseuse’s hands go. Of course when someone gets a tantric massage most people expect for them to be getting their full body massaged at all times but the truth is you are in your right (and you should exercise that right) to have certain parts of your body be touched and not others.

Why people choose to do this varies but here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Sometimes clients aren’t all that comfortable in the first few sessions letting a masseuse touch all their bodies and it’s something they wish to work up to. In these cases the client should clearly state before the massage begins that they will only be expected to be massaged in certain areas. There should be no concerns about how ‘good’ or ‘satisfying’ the massage is because another great thing about tantric massages from agencies like Bespoke Tantric, is that you quickly learn that your entire body is a beacon of sensuality and pleasure so you’ll feel satisfied no matter which parts of your body you deem safe for the touching.
  • Learning more about your body. When you’ve had massages for a while you are pretty clear about the fact that a masseuse can take you on a pleasure journey rather easily but leaving out certain parts of your body from the massage can actually help you learn more about your body and ways to achieve ecstasy.
  • Some people simply like their kinks tickled and some of them include the deprivation of touch to those sensitive parts of your body. There is no problem with this and if this actually adds to the pleasure of the massage then a masseuse is more than happy to provide with the necessary changes for you to feel more at ease and for your journey toward the wonderful state of mind that is ecstasy.

Visiting London

London is always one of the first places people think about visiting when thinking about Europe. The historical landmarks and the place that saw Shakespeare become one of the greatest writers of all times. Many people have come to appreciate London from afar due to all the historical landmarks that have made it famous: Buckingham Palace, The Rose Theatre, The Big Ben and so many others that people all around the world can recognize by name. But there is so much more to London than just this historically rich aspect. So many counter-cultural activities and staples have come from London, anything from the original punk days to the strawberry fields The Beatles made so famous. There’re all here for your enjoyment.

There’s also something to be said about London’s night life and more hedonistic aspects that are rarely discussed. Then there’s the shopping that can go anywhere from the bargaining that can be done at vintage and antique shops to buying an exclusive Alexander McQueen or a Mulberry bag. London in truth is a box of surprises and there’s something for everyone and every taste.

It’s also a city open to all kinds of cultures and what they can bring as forms of enjoyment or excitement. One of the best tantric massage booking services operates right from London and if you’re looking for a new and exciting experience when you next visit (or visit for the first time) London-Tantric is the best way to get to know the sexier side of the majestic city. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed when booking a massage with them as they offer the top of the line in massages, including the famous underwater massage and Nuru massage done the right way. So if you’re a bit tired from all the sightseeing and have some time before your trip is over then calling up for a massage would be a great way to put some icing on that cake you’re dying to eat up. One of their girls will show up at your hotel (don’t worry about her being discreet, they always are) and leave you already dreaming of your next visit to the city.

Most Romantic Tours in London

London is a buzz with many places to go and visit as well as many romantic attractions for you and your stunning Shemale escort London to see, one of the many benefits of London is the amount of romantic tours you can have with your special Shemale escort, so here is a short list of the best romantic tours in London;

Romantic Private Guided Tour of London 

A long title for a long and wonderful experience, the Romantic Private Guided Tour of London is a tour for classiest and most in love individuals as you will be privately chauffeur-driven around the entirety of the most popular and romantic spots of London. You’ll be surprising your lover with handmade chocolates and a private tour around St Pauls Cathedral, this will definitely impress your chosen Shemale escort London as it will quite the romantic affair for you to enjoy yourselves with. St. James’s Park Tube Station, outside The Old Star Pub, 66 Broadway, London SW1H 0DB

Romantic Comedy London Tour 

As the title suggests a Romantic tour of London’s most romantic areas while also have a slight comedic twist, along the way of this tour you’ll be fed information about the landmarks and other points of interest on this tour. The Shemale escorts London absolutely adore the Romantic Comedy London tour as the romance and the comedic value go hand in hand as well as the value of the information given to which even many born and bred Londoners didn’t even know about. Holland Park Station, London, United Kingdom

The London Eye Capsule 

Although you might not see it as a tour, you can say you see nearly all of London from the London Eye vantage point. The romance of a capsule for two is quite tantalising and gives you the sense of pride and care in you chosen Shemale London escort, you’ll both be sharing a bottle of bubbly in your capsule for 30 minutes and will enjoy the sights of the entirety of London while having quite the romantic time up there. London Eye, London SE1 7PB

Best Upcoming Festivals Around Derby

Derby is one of the most musically cultured cities in the United Kingdom, hosting some of the world’s most famous festivals and acts all over Derby. The gorgeous Derby escorts are known for their keen eyes of beauty when it comes to festivals. So here is a short list of the best upcoming festivals around Derby;

Download Festival 

One of the world’s most famous rock festivals, it attracts hundreds of thousands each year and this year’s festival is its 14th. With famous acts playing this year like Black Sabbath, Korn, Megadeath and many more famous acts we can tell this year is going to be a blast at Download. You can expect many people here as the gorgeous Derby escorts have been here quite a few times and said it is one of the most enjoyable festivals that they have ever been too, and sharing a tent with a client is always a fun experience. Donington Park, Castle Donington


Now for a festival more heavy, Bloodstock one of the most insane festivals around that is full of hundreds of thousands of metal fans that want nothing more than to head bang to the best metal of the year. You’ll find the music enrages the populace and with over 100 metal bands finding their way to play at bloodstock this year it’s going to be crazy. The beautifully stunning Derby escorts do enjoy coming here with clients as they love the insanity of the music and the fans that show true love and support for their music. Walton-on-Trent


Now for something a little different, Splendour is more for those that like DJ’s and more newer music, you can see a few famous faces like Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris, Madness and much more for you to explore. You’ll find a few thousand people here ready to hear the sounds of raving madness and more. The gorgeous Derby escorts have known to appear here with clients and have enjoyed the music as well as the other amusing attractions that this festival brings to it. Wollaton Hall, Wollaton, Nottingham, NG8 2AE



Benefits of Booking a Birmingham Escort

Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the midlands and has a lot to offer in the form of entertainment, the Birmingham escorts are part of the entertainment that makes your night especially fun, so here is a short list of the benefits of booking a beautifully stunning Birmingham escort;

Meeting Them 

You’ll soon realise as soon as you meet your chosen Birmingham escort she’ll be absolutely gorgeous wearing the most luxurious clothing and garments. One thing that all clients love about our Birmingham escort is that unlike that girl you met at the bar last week our Birmingham escorts are 100% guaranteed to show up, meaning our girls are reliable as well as tardy and why are they you ask? Well because it’s their livelihood of course!

Are the images real?  

Unlike a lot of agencies that Photoshop the images of their girls we do not and we can 100% guarantee that our Birmingham escorts are real as we interview then ourselves. They’re also some of the most stunningly gorgeous girls you’ll ever meet and trust us when we say these girls dress to impress, so when you see her you’ll notice her gleaming out of the crowd and you’ll feel a sigh of relief when you see just how gorgeous she really is.

What about their personalities? 

We understand that every one of our girls is a different individual but most of our girls contain the same open minded, friendly and positive personality around their clients. The way they it is that you’ve picked that one Birmingham escort out of nearly a hundred other girls, so they really appreciate that you think they’re more stunning than the others. All our stunningly gorgeous Birmingham escorts are the best of the best at their profession having beautiful busts and perfect figures that make them literally drop dead gorgeous, you’d be mad not to book one of our Birmingham escorts as they will show you a storm of pleasurable emotions you’ve yet to experience.

Best Cocktail Bars in Manchester

Manchester is one of the major cities in the North West and has a lot to bring to the table in the way of the entertainment industry, honestly though we think that a lot of the cocktail bars in Manchester are better than London’s and so do the ever so beautiful Manchester escorts, so here is a short list of the best cocktail bars in Manchester;

Mr Coopers House & Garden by Simon Rodgers 

When you enter this magnificent establishment the décor will be the first thing that has you standing in awe, but then you get to the bar where you are greeted by welcoming staff with friendly faces. The drinks at Coopers are made freshly in front of your face with simply the most exquisite and freshest of ingredients that you can find. The Manchester escorts visit here frequently with clients and have a great time to as being a couple together in this bar can get you special drinks if wanted. Midland Hotel, Peter Street, Manchester, M60 2DS

Elixir Tonics and Treats 

With cutting edge drinks and impressive service the Elixir tonics and treats is a must visit in Manchester. The Manchester escorts love this establishment because of the wacky and wonderful drinks and way they serve drinks, they find it impressive and if they’re with a client they can be given quite a romantic set of plates and glasses which they find cute. The Elixir also serves a huge range of cocktails and spirits for you to choose from either being the classics or their own concoctions. 123 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BY

Cane & Grain 

The Cane & Grain is one of those hidden bars that when you find it is quite the delightful treat for all. With excellent cocktails and beautiful décor it’s no wonder the Manchester escorts are such huge lovers of this bar. The Manchester escorts absolutely adore this bar as when they’re here with clients it not only impress them and gets them in the mood for romance, but also their clients love it here and never want to leave. 49 -51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA





Where To Take A Leeds Escorts

Leeds is quite the big city and is quite the affluent one growing at a rather rapid rate, the Leeds escorts are quite popular and the industry has recently exploded creating a large influx of money, so here is a short blog of the best places in Leeds to take your chosen Leeds escort;

First Off- Let’s Start with the Drinks! 

So yeah the most important thing out of the way first as I’m sure we can all agree, so without further ado the North Bar, one of the best bars in Leeds and brews its own ales, beers and ciders which have over 150 drinks between them, rather impressive if you ask me and they each have their own tastes which in my opinion most are immaculate. The Leeds escorts come here from time to time and have a few drinks with their clients which makes it a favourite as theirs, almost as much as the clients fall in love with them place.  E Mill, Dean Clough Millls, The Courtyard, Halifax HX3 5AX

Eating? Well of course you are 

The Gaucho which is hidden away in the financial district is quite the modern and fancy restaurant for you and your Leeds escort, with exquisite décor and wonderful Argentinian steaks from the grill there isn’t a single wrong foot you could step on in here. The Leeds escorts are quite the lovers of this restaurant as they really appreciate both décor and food as well as say it’s quite the romantic restaurant when brought in here by a client. Gaucho Leeds, 21-22 Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5JF

Where to Stay? 

There are a fair few amount of hotels in Leeds but the Quebecs is definitely the top dog in this department, it has exquisite décor and excellent prices that make it quite the favourite of the Leeds escorts who love being brought here for the night by their clients. The Leeds escorts remember are some of the most beautiful girls you’ll ever meet and have the best busts and most perfect figures around so please be respectful to them as they are sweet girls that just want to have fun.

Top 3 London Escorts

London is one of the most popular cities in the world and it has a lot to offer either for business or pleasure, the London escorts are usually the best for pleasure and these girls definitely deliver so here is a short list of the top 3 London escorts;


Amy is a beautiful blonde busty goddess, with a perfect figure and beautiful bust Amy is literally the perfect girl to be seen out with especially with the legs she has. In physical appearance she’s an absolute beauty and in personality standards she’s a socialite that loves to go out to dinner with her clients or even better hit the bars, she has a lot of friends and sometimes you might even meet them yourself with her if you’re a lucky chap.


Kenzie is quite new to London but we’re glad she is new because her figure is drop dead gorgeous, she has quite the beautiful bust to as well as a gorgeous smile that captivates anyone in her presence and gives them a very excited feeling of just being there with her, if you’re wanting to get the best out of Kenzie then take her on a dinner date because that is when the flower blossoms and you see the true intellect of this girl, then you realise how lucky you are to be with her.


Carolina is a one of a kind girl, she’s kinky, seductive and extremely busty, she really loves her clients complimenting her on how beautiful she is because she knows, expect to get the same back here as this girl loves to stroke the egos of her clients as well as make sure they get the fullest experience of their time with her. One of the best things about this gorgeous girl is that many of her clients end up leaving fulfilled but can’t stop thinking about her for weeks to come, which is quite the impressive feat. All our London escorts deserve the respect they should get from their clientele so please treat them like the princesses that they are.

Top 3 Nottingham Escorts

Nottingham is one of the most historical and oldest cities in the United Kingdom, recently there has been a lot of people booking the beautiful Nottingham escorts so here is a short list of the top 3 Nottingham escorts;


Alessandra is a great example of an absolute teen beauty, with a perfect figure and beautiful bust this 19 outshines all of the competition in Nottingham, she is sweet and kind and is always looking for fun with her clients being easily relatable and very intelligent as well as physically perfect she’s a favourite of the Nottingham lads and it’s understandable why, during your time with this teen hottie don’t for get to mutually respect her wishes and compliment her as much as possible because what you give you receive in a manner of different ways.


Emily is an absolute stunning student, she’s extremely intelligent for this profession and studies medicine proving to be quite the intellectual conversationalist, this girl has many clientele that return to her because every time her clients leave they can’t stop thinking about her because she charms them like nothing ever happened, if you’re thinking of going on a dinner date with this stunner then we suggest you prepare yourself with a good looking suit and just wait for her to turn up in the most glamorous outfit and she will look absolutely gorgeous.


Tia is one of our Nottingham escorts that has an absolutely perfect bust that cannot be compared to by any other girl, she’s seductive and kinky and loves going crazy with her clients pleasing them in ways most people didn’t know, the way she comes across is that she’s very strong and caring person and she loves to give out compliments to her clientele and stroking their ego is at her top list as well as making sure you’re happy, one thing that all our girls do enjoy is a man with respect and when you respect them they’ll respect you but more importantly a man with respect is a man to be rewarded.

Finest Mayfair beauty Salons

The ladies of Mayfair never look anything less than perfection, hair perfectly coifed, makeup expertly applied, nails manicured and perfectly waxed eye brows. Mayfair ladies including the Mayfair escorts from Exclusive Company Mayfair Escorts Agency are high maintenance and need the best beauticians, hair dressers and therapists on hand to keep them looking perfectly fabulous. The top five salons in Mayfair are as follows.

  1. Hiro Miyoshi Hair & Beauty, 63 Curzon Street, Mayfair, W1J 8PD, a luxurious haven in the heart of high class Mayfair. This elite salon is the perfect place to relax and recharge, from the moment you enter a feeling of calm takes over and the hustle and Bustle of London life is instantly forgotten. Minimalistic with a natural colour palette it captures the calmness of Japanese culture. Their highly trained hair dressers and therapists offer the best treatments available and will ensure you leave them looking fabulous and feeling sensational.
  2. The Salon Neil Cornelius on Bond Street, Neil Cornelius 1st Floor, 109 New Bond Street, Mayfair, W1S 1EG. This Bond Street hair salon is home to some of the best hair dressers in London. Its cutting edge, high class and has a portfolio of celebrity clients who put their complete faith is the talented hair dressers who work here. For an A list hair style The Salon Neil Cornelius is the only place a Mayfair escorts needs to visit.
  3. Chelsee Lewis, Nicky Clarke Salon, 11 Carlos Place, Mayfair, W1K 3AX, is a specialist facialist offering lymphatic drainage and toning treatments in Mayfair’s finest hair salon. Chelsee Lewis is the lady that Mayfair escorts visit to keep themselves looking sensational. Her facials are renowned around Mayfair for keeping ladies looking youthful and refreshed and means she is in high demand.
  4. Vanity Plas – Celebrities Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists at Kay Cavanagh Salon, 6a Hertford Street, Mayfair, W1J 7RF. This elite salon is a specialist makeup studio whose all Italian team prepare ladies for red carpet occasions. From luxury spray tans to semi-permanent makeup and henna tattoos, Vanity Plas cover every eventuality and ensure a high class lady looks her very best for her event.
  5. Ink Aesthetics, 3 White Horse Street, Mayfair, W1J 7LF, is a beauty salon that specialises in semi- permanent makeup and eye lash extensions. For an escort in Mayfair Ink Aesthetics offer treatments that keep them looking perfectly preened at all times.

Choose one of these fabulous salons in Mayfair and you will look every inch the elite lady.