Disagreement With a Partner

1464221354_staff_560_57463eaada9d4_tnMoving in with my girlfriend was something I had been looking forward to in a while. To think that we could sleep together every night was actually an experience I was quite looking forward to. However nothing could truly prepare me to the sort of anxiety both parties can feel when your routines are completely turned over and life of being single and a bit selfish with your time is gone overnight. Again, my girlfriend was great, hot, smart and understanding but suddenly having her watch my every move felt a little daunting. Of course in the beginning it was great but little things started arising and small arguments here in there. Don’t get me wrong, I knew arguing was normal but suddenly I couldn’t just go home and sleep it off because she was in our home. So, I started obsessing over how to make our relationship perfect and would always look into every single detail and not let go of little things. More and more I felt that I was somehow fighting to keep my relationship going and it was really starting to show.

One night I came home and felt a strange smell in the air… like coconut and cinnamon. I called for my girlfriend and she asked me to take off my clothes and head in the shower and then join her in the guest bedroom. I moaned a bit but did as she asked and when I came in I saw the most incredible thing in the world: my girlfriend completely nude enjoying a massage from another woman. I knew my girlfriend had been a fan of tantric massages, using agencies like Minx Massage since she had spent some time being single in London. We had always talked about trying one and it seemed the time was here and now. Once the massage started I at first started obsessing over if this was the right thing but the masseuse quickly noticed and had my girlfriend join her and together they reminded me that the best way to deal with life is to simply let it flow… Let go and let yourself be free and to never neglect the fact that sex is the best stress reliever there is.

Top five real Ale Pubs in Manchester

Manchester is a real ale lover’s paradise, it’s brimming with pubs, and a bar serving the best ale from across the country, local microbrewery’s and home brewers. It’s a tough feat choosing just five but here is our pick of the best. Would you like somebody to accompany you on your pub crawl? Book a companion from Exclusive Company Manchester.

A guide to 5 genuine Ale Pubs in the Manchester area

  1. For one of the most extensive selections of beer and real in Manchester the indiscriminate Port Street Beer House,29-41 Port Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 2EQ, is a must visit. They have seven hand pulled real ales, eighteen draught lines and over one hundred different types of bottled beer on offer. Prices range from a few pounds to over forty pounds for imported rare beers so it’s always recommend to read the menu before ordering.Exterior of the Port Street Beer House
  2. With its beginnings as a humble bottle shop selling British and continental ales, Café Beermoth, Brown Street, Manchester, M2 1DA, has been transformed into a contemporary sprawling café bar. With a selection of seventeen ales and beers on tap from local and international breweries and a selection of humble but delicious sandwiches and snacks, it’s the perfect place to relax with friends.Cafe Beermoth logo photo
  3. Head out of the city to Heaton Chapel and you will find a quaint little bar and bottle shop called Heaton Hops, 7 School lanes, Heaton Chapel, SK4 5DE. This small but perfectly formed bar is run by a local couple with a passion for ale and is always bustling with regulars. The bar has a great selection of carefully chosen ales and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, its great little place that is well worth a trip out of the city. Interior of the Heaton Hops
  4. For a taste of history alongside your pint of ale The Crown and Kettle, 2 Oldham Road, Ancoats, is the place to visit for a few drinks. The unassuming Victorian exterior gives way to a spectacularly ornate interior. It has been beautifully preserved and has the most delightful snug with an ornate Victorian fireplace where one could easily disappear with a pint of ale for a couple of hours on a winter’s day. With a great selection of cask ales at some of the most reasonable prices in Manchester it’s a hot spot.Bar at the Crown and Kettle
  5. The final entry is one of the newest, Saison 236 Burton Road, West Didsbury, M20 2LW, is a tiny craft beer bar that offers over forty bottled beers, sixteen Keg Beers and four cask ales. It has a great atmosphere and serves fantastic food from dusk until dawn. It’s positioned on a bustling road where there are a number of great restaurants and bars so it’s well worth heading to Didsbury and making a night of it.Saison Manchester

Best Way to End a Party

Have you ever had one of those nights when you think ‘is this one of those nights 1471603182_staff_537_57b6e1ee20a29_tnI will look back on in years to come’? One of those crazy and wild rides where you dance the night away and let go of all your problems simply because you can move your body to the beat of the music. Perhaps it’s one of those nights where you really push your limits, push your entire being and realize you’re capable of so much fun that you are sure you could do this over and over and simply be a happier human being for it? How could you possibly end such a night? What could perfectly bring together effervescent feeling that has you tossing and turning and wanting more without making you feel like you’ve jumped off an emotional skyscraper?  Well perhaps you could try a sultry erotic massage right to your London hotel room.

Just imagine waiting in your room after the wild ride of the night for someone to appear at your door that promises not only more fun but complete and utter relaxation. When you’ve been partying your entire body seems to be bubbling with excitement and joy and that’s because you’ve basically given yourself an exciting cocktail of hormones. Instead of crashing down from all of that, perhaps it’d be best to slowly come down but without crashing. When you’re getting your tantric massage from Tantric Dolls, your energy will be released slowly, gently, skillfully… It will be spread all over as your muscles relax and you feel as though you’ve been taken from the height of pleasure and gently cradled on your bed. You will naturally segregate hormones that will lead to a sound and peaceful sleep after your masseuse leaves for the night (or morning) and when you wake up you will not only feel rested but you might even avoid a lot of the common side effects of partying all night… like hang overs. Your skin will look radiant, your body will not ache and your night will have come complete with a wonderful experience to end it. The memories you will create from both your party and your massage will probably hold you over until next time.

Feeling Like Royalty

For those that live outside of London it can seem very alluring to come here and feel like you belong to nobility. This is because London is the epitome of class when it comes to the European Royals which have all but died out while the English Royal family remains in power. People flock to London and hope that they can get a glimmer of the city’s posh attitude and even try to personify it and live it in the flesh. Of course, you won’t become true royalty but that doesn’t mean that like many before you, you can’t at least pretend, perhaps if only for a couple of days. If you can afford a bit of a splurge then you too can be a count, a lord or a lady for a day or at least feel like one.

Coming to London and staying at one of the less modern hotels has quite its charm seeing as most people expect the royal family to live in the luxuries of the olden days. So book a more weathered hotel and lounge in divine silk sheets while someone comes to bring you breakfast in the morning. Enjoy the beautiful architecture and even head out to do some sightseeing.

Of course Buckingham Palace is a must see and the English gardens that have been privy to England’s many love stories. You can have your meals at fine restaurants or, like many ladies and lords of the time even return to your hotel for a couple of drinks at the bar. When the night comes to a close make sure you indulge in a luxurious tantric massage from Guilty Pleasures to get the kinks out of a hard day of walking with your back straight and feeling on top of the world. These massages are the right touch and you’ll feel very Shakespeare in love whilst getting rubbed, stroked and caressed. When the time is up you’ll wish your masseuse farewell (much like royalty would) and fall asleep to the best sleep of your life.

You are the star

You do everything for other people… even working, to an extent, you do to please LTL2others. Whether it’d be your family, your boss, your mum, your girlfriend, or what have you… it’s always about others. Of course this has been elevated to meaning that you are selfless and being selfless seems to be the only way to be ‘right’ and ‘good.’ But the truth is that unless you believe in the bible then there are no instances when someone is selfless and good all the time… and even if you do believe in the bible you know that being selfless constantly doesn’t necessarily mean having a happy life.

So, how about you give yourself an entire night where you are the only one profiting and getting pleasure out of whatever it is that you do. This night should be your thank you to yourself, your night to feel like you have done all that you’ve had to do and you deserve to treat yourself. You have to have a guiltless selfish night where, without hurting anyone else, you simply indulge in your fantasies, in your desires. Whether that night means turning off your phone, grabbing a tub of ice-cream and just watching scary movies all day or even getting a sultry tantric massage at home from Love Tantric after a much needed glass of red wine. Whatever it is that you have to do to give yourself a break and remind yourself of the simple joys of life then you should definitely do that. Besides, who can fault you for it or for wanting it? Nobody because we all want that for ourselves and yet we deny it or, worse, simply don’t do it because it’s ‘selfish.’ Many people think Tantra is the art of denial and yet they have it all wrong. We practice the art of denial every single day and Tantra actually advocates that we give ourselves and others as much pleasure as possible… simply the ‘right’ way. Perhaps it’s time we all took a night out and gifted ourselves a tantric massage and began to realize what true pleasure is and how to stop denying ourselves of something so wonderful and natural.

Body Parts

Tantric massages are a great way to learn how to set boundaries and open up to 1461419020_staff_543_571b7c0ce01a6people when we aren’t sure how to do so. Unlike any other massage kind when you’re getting a tantric massage you decide where and when the masseuse’s hands go. Of course when someone gets a tantric massage most people expect for them to be getting their full body massaged at all times but the truth is you are in your right (and you should exercise that right) to have certain parts of your body be touched and not others.

Why people choose to do this varies but here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Sometimes clients aren’t all that comfortable in the first few sessions letting a masseuse touch all their bodies and it’s something they wish to work up to. In these cases the client should clearly state before the massage begins that they will only be expected to be massaged in certain areas. There should be no concerns about how ‘good’ or ‘satisfying’ the massage is because another great thing about tantric massages from agencies like Bespoke Tantric, is that you quickly learn that your entire body is a beacon of sensuality and pleasure so you’ll feel satisfied no matter which parts of your body you deem safe for the touching.
  • Learning more about your body. When you’ve had massages for a while you are pretty clear about the fact that a masseuse can take you on a pleasure journey rather easily but leaving out certain parts of your body from the massage can actually help you learn more about your body and ways to achieve ecstasy.
  • Some people simply like their kinks tickled and some of them include the deprivation of touch to those sensitive parts of your body. There is no problem with this and if this actually adds to the pleasure of the massage then a masseuse is more than happy to provide with the necessary changes for you to feel more at ease and for your journey toward the wonderful state of mind that is ecstasy.

Visiting London

London is always one of the first places people think about visiting when thinking about Europe. The historical landmarks and the place that saw Shakespeare become one of the greatest writers of all times. Many people have come to appreciate London from afar due to all the historical landmarks that have made it famous: Buckingham Palace, The Rose Theatre, The Big Ben and so many others that people all around the world can recognize by name. But there is so much more to London than just this historically rich aspect. So many counter-cultural activities and staples have come from London, anything from the original punk days to the strawberry fields The Beatles made so famous. There’re all here for your enjoyment.

There’s also something to be said about London’s night life and more hedonistic aspects that are rarely discussed. Then there’s the shopping that can go anywhere from the bargaining that can be done at vintage and antique shops to buying an exclusive Alexander McQueen or a Mulberry bag. London in truth is a box of surprises and there’s something for everyone and every taste.

It’s also a city open to all kinds of cultures and what they can bring as forms of enjoyment or excitement. One of the best tantric massage booking services operates right from London and if you’re looking for a new and exciting experience when you next visit (or visit for the first time) London-Tantric is the best way to get to know the sexier side of the majestic city. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed when booking a massage with them as they offer the top of the line in massages, including the famous underwater massage and Nuru massage done the right way. So if you’re a bit tired from all the sightseeing and have some time before your trip is over then calling up for a massage would be a great way to put some icing on that cake you’re dying to eat up. One of their girls will show up at your hotel (don’t worry about her being discreet, they always are) and leave you already dreaming of your next visit to the city.

Most Romantic Tours in London

London is a buzz with many places to go and visit as well as many romantic attractions for you and your stunning Oriental escorts in London to see, one of the many benefits of London is the amount of romantic tours you can have with your special Asian London escorts, so here is a short list of the best romantic tours in London.

Romantic Private Guided Tour of London 

A long title for a long and wonderful experience, the Romantic Private Guided Tour of London is a tour for classiest and most in love individuals as you will be privately chauffeur-driven around the entirety of the most popular and romantic spots of London. You’ll be surprising your lover with handmade chocolates and a private tour around St Pauls Cathedral, this will definitely impress your chosen Shemale escort London as it will quite the romantic affair for you to enjoy yourselves with. St. James’s Park Tube Station, outside The Old Star Pub, 66 Broadway, London SW1H 0DB

Romantic Comedy London Tour 

As the title suggests a Romantic tour of London’s most romantic areas while also have a slight comedic twist, along the way of this tour you’ll be fed information about the landmarks and other points of interest on this tour. The Shemale escorts London absolutely adore the Romantic Comedy London tour as the romance and the comedic value go hand in hand as well as the value of the information given to which even many born and bred Londoners didn’t even know about. Holland Park Station, London, United Kingdom

The London Eye Capsule 

Although you might not see it as a tour, you can say you see nearly all of London from the London Eye vantage point. The romance of a capsule for two is quite tantalising and gives you the sense of pride and care in you chosen Shemale London escort, you’ll both be sharing a bottle of bubbly in your capsule for 30 minutes and will enjoy the sights of the entirety of London while having quite the romantic time up there. London Eye, London SE1 7PB

Best Upcoming Festivals Around Derby

Derby is one of the most musically cultured cities in the United Kingdom, hosting some of the world’s most famous festivals and acts all over Derby. The gorgeous Derby escorts are known for their keen eyes of beauty when it comes to festivals. So here is a short list of the best upcoming festivals around Derby;

Download Festival

A photograph of Download Festival
Download Festival


One of the world’s most famous rock festivals, it attracts hundreds of thousands each year and this year’s festival is its 14th. With famous acts playing this year like Black Sabbath, Korn, Megadeath and many more famous acts we can tell this year is going to be a blast at Download. You can expect many people here as the gorgeous Derby escorts have been here quite a few times and said it is one of the most enjoyable festivals that they have ever been too, and sharing a tent with a client is always a fun experience. Donington Park, Castle Donington


Here we can find a photograph of the front stage for Bloodstock


Now for a festival more heavy, Bloodstock one of the most insane festivals around that is full of hundreds of thousands of metal fans that want nothing more than to head bang to the best metal of the year. You’ll find the music enrages the populace and with over 100 metal bands finding their way to play at bloodstock this year it’s going to be crazy. The beautifully stunning Derby escorts do enjoy coming here with clients as they love the insanity of the music and the fans that show true love and support for their music. Walton-on-Trent


Here is a photograph of Splendour Festival


Now for something a little different, Splendour is more for those that like DJ’s and more newer music, you can see a few famous faces like Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris, Madness and much more for you to explore. You’ll find a few thousand people here ready to hear the sounds of raving madness and more. The gorgeous Derby escorts have known to appear here with clients and have enjoyed the music as well as the other amusing attractions that this festival brings to it. Wollaton Hall, Wollaton, Nottingham, NG8 2AE



Benefits of Booking a Birmingham Escort

Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the midlands and has a lot to offer in the form of entertainment, the Birmingham escorts are part of the entertainment that makes your night especially fun, so here is a short list of the benefits of booking a beautifully stunning Birmingham escort;

Meeting Them 

You’ll soon realise as soon as you meet your chosen Birmingham escort she’ll be absolutely gorgeous wearing the most luxurious clothing and garments. One thing that all clients love about our Birmingham escort is that unlike that girl you met at the bar last week our Birmingham escorts are 100% guaranteed to show up, meaning our girls are reliable as well as tardy and why are they you ask? Well because it’s their livelihood of course!

Are the images real?  

Unlike a lot of agencies that Photoshop the images of their girls we do not and we can 100% guarantee that our Birmingham escorts are real as we interview then ourselves. They’re also some of the most stunningly gorgeous girls you’ll ever meet and trust us when we say these girls dress to impress, so when you see her you’ll notice her gleaming out of the crowd and you’ll feel a sigh of relief when you see just how gorgeous she really is.

What about their personalities? 

We understand that every one of our girls is a different individual but most of our girls contain the same open minded, friendly and positive personality around their clients. The way they it is that you’ve picked that one Birmingham escort out of nearly a hundred other girls, so they really appreciate that you think they’re more stunning than the others. All our stunningly gorgeous Birmingham escorts are the best of the best at their profession having beautiful busts and perfect figures that make them literally drop dead gorgeous, you’d be mad not to book one of our Birmingham escorts as they will show you a storm of pleasurable emotions you’ve yet to experience.